Controversy Surrounds Cheaper Facelifts Company

Lifestyle Lift, facelift surgeryAn embattled plastic surgeons’ group has once again been placed under investigation as the result of alleged shady business practices, according to a recent article on ABC Arizona. Former patients and employees are accusing the business of using high-pressure sales tactics, while the Florida Attorney General is investigating accusations of “unfair and deceptive trade practices.”

Lifestyle Lift is a nationwide group of 40 clinics that offers cheaper and less invasive facelifts to its patients. The company counters that the majority of its patients are satisfied with their surgical results, but this didn’t prevent at least 68 Floridians from filed complaints with that state’s attorney general over the past two years. Accusations levelled against the group include:

  • employees were given quotas to sign up a certain number of patients each week
  • the use of high-pressure sales tactics regardless of individual patient suitability
  • false advertising

This isn’t the first time that Lifestyle Lift has been investigated for shady and dishonest business practices. In 2009, the company was found guilty of creating fake online reviews, and was forced to pay a $300,000 fine by the state of New York. Florida’s AG is investigating whether the company is still posting fake reviews.

In response, Lifestyle Lift denies that fake posting is still taking place and accuses at least one former employee of being a disgruntled liar. Even the company’s website seems geared to respond to its negative reputation. On a page entitled “Internet Critics,” the company says:

Even with the best care and results, no one can make everyone happy. While you may find complaints on the Internet, it’s essential to keep them in perspective…. Many Internet blogs may be written by the same person writing over and over, and posting on a variety of sites. We have also found that competing doctors and their staff members sometimes post negative and misleading blogs.”

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