Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Glendora & Los Angeles 

Breast enlargement surgery is a popular procedure for women around the world. With the help of a plastic surgeon, this procedure can provide larger, fuller breasts that enhance your body proportion. The surgery involves the insertion of a saline or silicone implant beneath a woman’s breast tissue. The implants are available in different shapes and sizes and can be placed through a variety of different surgical techniques.

Dr. Jon Sattler offers both silicone and saline implant breast augmentation at his practice in Glendora, California. The implants can be placed above or below the pectoralis muscle. Generally, speaking saline implants are placed below the muscle whereas silicone are above the muscle. Dr Sattler has performed over 4600 breast augmentation procedures using every type of surgical approach and type of implant.

Who can undergo Breast Augmentation in Glendora & Los Angeles?

Breast augmentation is typically chosen by the woman who wants to increase her bust size and thereby improve her physical appearance. In these cases, larger breasts can enhance one’s looks while maintaining a balanced overall body proportion. Other patients may benefit from breast implants if they have a noticeable asymmetry in the breasts or if they require breast reconstruction after mastectomy.

How Do I Choose the Right Breast Implant?

Dr. Sattler can help you choose an implant that will meet your aesthetic goals and provide the most predictable outcome. During your consultation with Los Angeles & Glendora plastic surgeon Dr. Sattler, you can discuss the merits of saline and silicone implants, as well as other choices like implant shape, texture, and placement. A breast implant is a silicone shell filled with either sterile saline or silicone gel. Both implant types have benefits to consider. Silicone gel has a very natural consistency, but also higher cost. Saline breast implants are slightly firmer but both breast implants give excellent cosmetic results (see comparison of saline vs silicone in my before and after photos.) Dr. Sattler offers Mentor Memory Gel breast implants which are safe and offer superior results.


What Happens During Surgery?

Breast enlargement surgery can be completed in 45 minutes to an one hour, typically under general anesthesia. Dr. Sattler performs the surgical incisions on the breast, then creates a pocket for each implant in a central location below the nipple. After the implant is situated, the incisions are closed with an absorable suture, so there are no painful sutures to be removed. Dr Sattler never lets tape be used on his patients breasts. This avoids the possibility of “tape burns”. He uses a petroleum based dressing that doesn’t stick to the wound, thereby avoiding any discomfort in removing the dressings.

What Can I Expect After Surgery?

The recovery period after breast enlargement varies, but patients should expect one or two days of downtime. Dr Sattler calls breast augmentation his “happy operation”. It is fast, easy for the patient for the patient and has little if any downtime. Most ladies use only Tylenol extra strength for pain medication. You will be out of bed to the bath room and up to eat dinner the day of surgery. You get a specially designed bra to be worn as instructed by Dr. Sattler. For the best possible recovery, follow instructions closely and attend all scheduled follow-up appointments with Dr. Sattler.
To learn more about breast augmentation, we recommend contacting board certified plastic surgeon Jon Sattler MD. Visit our office in LA County from nearby Arcadia and Azusa to discuss the details of breast augmentation and cosmetic plastic surgery.

Breast Lift

Breast Lift Glendora & Los Angeles

The breast lift or mastopexy procedure is a surgery that lifts sagging breasts. Once the breasts have descended to a significant point, the breast lift is the only way to bring them back to a youthful position. When a plastic surgeon performs mastopexy, he or she is removing skin and glandular tissue to elevate the breasts to a higher position on the chest.

Your surgeon will generally choose the least invasive technique to achieve the desired result. The operation requires about 1 to 3 hours under a general anesthetic. Glendora plastic surgeon Dr. Sattler has performed numerous breast lift procedures and offers a variety of techniques to suit different patients.

Who Can Undergo a Breast Lift in Glendora & Los Angeles?

A good candidate for this surgery is a woman who:

  • Doesn’t smoke

  • Is in good health

  • Has realistic expectations

  • Exhibits mild to moderate breast droop or breast ptosis

Dr. Sattler can evaluate your medical history, health and breast position to determine the proper technique for a breast lift, should you decide one is necessary.

What Happens During Breast Lift Surgery in Glendora & Los Angeles?

There are several established techniques that plastic surgeons use during mastopexy, which vary depending on the severity of breast sagging. In cases of mild breast droop, a crescent lift or circumareolar lift can be used to elevate the breasts. In more severe cases, an anchor shaped incision or keyhole-shaped incision is used, allowing removal of skin and glandular tissue for optimal reshaping and elevation. Click here to view a chart with the different incision patterns for a breast lift.

After Breast Lift Surgery: How Will I Look and Feel?

After your breast lift in Glendora & Los Angeles, your incisions and sutures will be covered in gauze and tape, which is typically removed within a week during a follow-up appointment. The expected recovery time is about two weeks, during which you will wear a surgical bra as instructed by Dr. Sattler. The doctor will prescribe a medication to help you manage and control post-operative discomfort. Expect some bruising, swelling and changes in nipple sensation as you recover from breast lift surgery. Do you have questions or concerns about breast lift surgery? Contact our office in the San Gabriel Valley from nearby Arcadia and Azusa to learn more about this procedure and other procedures in cosmetic plastic surgery in LA County.

Breast Reduction Glendora & Los Angeles

In order to give each patient the prettiest looking breast with as little scarring as possible Dr. Sattler plastic surgeon in Glendora & Los Angeles ares has been using a technique that he has perfected in his practice that does away with the traditional “anchor or inverted T incision”. Patients are thrilled to reduce their heavy burden but still have a ‘sexy cleavage’. 

The Anchor lift does a great job reducing and lifting the breast, however, it leaves a noticeable scar in the ‘social area’ of the breast which limits the use of low neckline dresses, lingerie and certain bathing suits. Plastic surgeon Dr. Sattler’s operation along with other procedures that have been developed in the US and abroad limit scarring to around the nipple-areola complex, or for larger breasts a short vertical scar or triangular scar going down from the areola. Slowly surgeons are beginning to use this later technique, called the vertical technique, with satisfactory results. However, Dr. Sattler has not published his unique technique, as yet, and only a very few exceptional physicians have even seen or used it in their practice. Breast reduction surgery makes the breasts smaller and lighter. The surgery can thereby alleviate many undesirable symptoms that occur with very large breasts. Dr. Sattler has performed numerous breast reductions at his practice. For examples of previous operations, please view our before and after photos. These images may contain nudity not suitable for viewers under 18 years old.

Who Can Undergo Breast Reduction Surgery?

The general indication for breast reduction is a condition called macromastia, a condition of very large, heavy breasts. Women who experience this often report symptoms such as:

  • Back pain

  • Neck Pain

  • Discomfort in shoulders

  • Skin irritation

  • Body images issues

This procedure is part cosmetic and part therapeutic. Dr. Sattler reshapes and elevates the breast to exhibit a youthful appearance, while reducing overall breast size to alleviate back pain. The operation will take about 2 – 4 hours under a general anesthetic.

What Happens During Surgery?

Dr. Sattler’s technique for breast reduction in Glendora & Los Angeles typically provides for an anchor-shaped incision and the removal of skin, glandular tissue and fat. Occasionally he will use liposuction to remove and shape excess fatty tissue. The nipple and areola are elevated and the breast is reshaped for a more youthful appearance. A special bra will be needed. Dr. Satler uses special drains to help remove fluid accumulation. Dr. Sattler wants you to have a comfortable surgical experience therefore he uses absorbable sutures that don’t have to be removed. He dresses your wound with a petroleum based dressing that allows the dressing to come off without sticking in the wound. He never allows tape to be placed on the breast to avoid “tape burn”.

How Will I Look and Feel After Surgery in Glendora & Los Angeles, CA?

The recovery period is about 1 – 2 weeks. Some aching, swelling, bruising, and changes in skin sensation should be expected. To help you manage discomfort, Dr. Sattler will prescribe a pain medication. For a complementary consultation about breast reduction, contact the LA County office of board-certified plastic surgeon Jon Sattler M.D.

Breast Reconstruction Glendora & Los Angeles

Breast reconstruction surgery in Glendora & Los Angeles area can be approached using any one of a number of different methods for recreating the breast, including the transverse rectus abdominal muscle (TRAM), or latissimus dorsi flap techniques; and artificial implants and expanders. 

Breast Reconstruction

The common aim among these procedures is to reconstruct the breast, usually after one or both breasts have been removed during breast cancer treatment.

Flap Techniques

Flaps used in breast reconstruction consist of fat, skin, blood vessels, and muscle from the abdomen (TRAM), back (LD) and serve as the tissue used to recreate the breast. The flap can be designed as either a pedicle flap, which means that it is attached to its original blood supply.


Artificial implants are made of a silicone rubber shell filled with sterile saline or silicone gel. They may be selected over a flap procedure because they are less expensive and require less surgical time. Various techniques are used to place these implants. An expander can be used to expand the skin after the mastectomy until it gets to a size that is appropriate for the patient. Patients who are recommended for flap surgery may have already tried implants, or they may have an opposite breast that is difficult to match with an implant.

Who Can Undergo Breast Reconstruction in Glendora & Los Angeles, CA?

Women who undergo breast reconstruction have usually received a mastectomy or other procedure for breast cancer. Alternatively, they may have experienced trauma to the breast or suffered an abnormality during breast development.

What Happens During Breast Reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction surgery may take place as an immediate reconstruction (IR) that is combined with the mastectomy, or delayed reconstruction (DR). Dr. Sattler will sit down with you to review your options and recommend a course of action that best suits your needs. To give you an idea about how breast reconstruction can be conducted, let’s focus on the TRAM flap technique. In this procedure, plastic surgeon Dr. Sattler in Glendora & Los Angeles area will relocate abdominal tissue to the breast for reconstruction. The TRAM procedure is conducted in a hospital setting under general anesthesia and lasts between 4-6 hours. Using a pedicled TRAM flap, the skin and fat are left attached to the lower portion of one rectus abdominus muscle, which are then tunneled under the chest wall to reconstruct the new breast. Breast implants can be used to help fill out the breast as desired. Again, Dr. Sattler will discuss your goals and expectations so that your needs can be met in a manner that is also supportive of your health.

Breast Reconstruction Aftercare

In most cases, 4-5 days of hospitalization is required following a flap breast reconstruction procedure. Many patients require between 6 weeks to 2 months before they are able to resume normal activities, though the recovery process varies from individual to individual. For women receiving implants only, recovery time can be as little as 1 to 2 weeks.
Dr. Sattler is board certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery practicing in LA County. Please contact our office in Glendora from nearby Arcadia or Azusa if you are interested in learning more about breast reconstruction in the San Gabriel Valley area.

Breast Asymmetry

Breast Asymmetry Glendora & Los Angeles

All women have some degree of asymmetry (difference) between their two breasts. This difference can be seen as a difference in shape, size, nipple size or nipple height on the breast itself. In some women the fold beneath the breasts may be at different heights with one breast lower than the other. 

The rib cage can cause the position of the breast to be positioned differently. Usually, the average breast differences are so minimal as to not be noticed by the patient. Dr. Sattler informs all his patients of this difference prior to breast surgery so they won't be surprised if these small differences are magnified as the breast is altered in size, larger or smaller. In more obvious cases the difference between two breasts can be quite substantial, causing both physical imbalance and emotional distress for the patient.

Correction Of Breast Asymmetry

In cases of significant breast asymmetry the goal of corrective breast surgery is to create two breasts that match each other as closely as possible in both size, shape and chest wall position. This may be best achieved with corrective breast surgery on one breast or both breasts. Corrective breast surgery may include augmenting one breast and lifting or reducing the other breast. Or augmenting breast with different size implants. Or doing asymmetrical breast lifts or reductions. Plastic surgeon Dr. Sattler in Glendora & Los Angeles area custom tailors the surgery to each individual patient's needs. To learn more about plastic surgery in LA County, please contact us in Glendora from nearby Arcadia and Azusa to schedule a complimentary consultation with board certified plastic surgeon Jon I. Sattler.

Breast Repairs

In cases where a previous breast surgery has gone awry or aged improperly, Breast repairs may be needed. This includes procedures such as correction of misplaced implants or capsule contracture.

See images of breast repairs in our gallery.

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