Brow Lift Glendora & Los Angeles

A brow lift surgery in Glendora or Los Angeles areas can rejuvenate the forehead area by gently lifting the facial tissues that have descended over time. There are several techniques (including the endoscopic brow lift) that Dr. Sattler can perform, depending on your unique conditions.

Dr. Sattler offers the brow lift to his patients in Glendora, Arcadia and Azusa, along with other facial rejuvenation procedures such as the eyelid lift, facelift and neck lift.

Who Can Undergo a Brow Lift?

If you are bothered by the following conditions, you may want to consider a brow lift:

  • Forehead lines
  • Drooping brow
  • Loose skin on upper eyelids

During a consultation at our Plastic Surgery Center of Glendora, Dr. Sattler can help you determine if the brow lift can provide a satisfactory improvement.

What Happens During a Brow Lift?

A brow lift usually requires 1 – 2 hours to perform. Local anesthesia with sedation is a common choice, but general anesthesia may also be recommended. The incisions used will depend on plastic surgeon Dr. Sattler's chosen technique. In the endoscopic brow lift, several small incisions are made behind the hairline. Other techniques may involve a single incision that travels across the top of the head.

Brow Lift Glendora & Los Angeles Brow Lift Glendora & Los Angeles

Before and After Brow Lift


Dr. Sattler elevates the brow while removing and altering underlying tissues as necessary. The brow position is then fixated and the incisions are closed with clips or stitches.

After your brow lift, a soft absorbent dressing is applied. Dr. Sattler will give you specific instructions for post-operative care, including steps for showering, applying shampoo and camouflage cosmetics. You should expect some numbness, nausea, swelling and discomfort after surgery. Medications can help you manage these effects.

Many patients are back to their normal routine within 10 days. After a brow lift, you will need to limit sun exposure and rigorous activity for a several weeks.

To learn more about brow lift surgery and the endoscopic brow lift in the San Gabriel Valley, contact Plastic Surgery Center of Glendora to schedule a complimentary consultation with LA County plastic surgeon Dr. Jon Sattler.